Welcome to! This site is being funded as a goal-oriented research project by Mahidol University, located in Bangkok, Thailand.

This website is currently under construction. The final web design has taken a significant amount of time and is nearly completed. The development of this site is being funded for a year, ending this coming October. The website will be fully functional by that time.

The website will the foremost research and study tool for the orchestral excerpts for bassoon. The site will feature:

  • Bassoon excerpts as they appear in the original orchestra parts.
  • Bassoon excerpts as they appear in the score.
  • Several recordings of each excerpt being performed with orchestra.
  • Articles on the background and history of each excerpt.
  • Articles on the performance and practice of each excerpt.
  • Website links for webpages with relevent information.

The first articles will be written by the website creator and editor. Other teachers will be asked to contribute articles to add to the website.

For a sample of what this site will offer, please visit the site of my colleague, Daren Robbins, at


Chris Schaub, Editor

July 1, 2011

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